These soft stuffed animals make perfect plush presents! | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co./The Toy Insider

From snuggle bunnies to cuddly koalas, these plush animals make perfect gifts for people of all ages. Each stuffed plush animal is soft because of the “Cuddle Cloud Technology” that the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. uses for their World’s Softest Plush line of toys.

The collection is HUGE, so there is a perfect plush friend for everyone. Plus, they come in various sizes, such as 7 inches, 9 inches, 11 inches, and 14 inches, so there is a price and plush pal for every passion and every penny!

With incredibly soft fur, they make for great stocking stuffers and good reward tokens, as well as gifts for birthdays, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, get-well gifts, charitable donations, and more. Each plush animal is designed for durability for hours of enthusiastic pretend play and affectionate squeezes by little hands, and they are made of non-toxic materials, too. The baby line features stitched facial features for safety.

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The 7-inch size is an awesome alternative to bows on gift wrapping. Just tuck one between the ribbon on a gift box or tie one to the handles of a gift bag. These are also cute for party favors and name placeholders for a birthday party or a baby shower. Just place them on a plate along with the name of the guest. The giant plush size is cute for centerpieces and can make an adorable alternative to balloon weights.

No matter which animal, color, or size you choose, anyone would adore snuggling with one of these plushies!

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