Let your imagination run wild and give your creative energy an upgrade with 3Doodler’s latest 3D printing pen: The 3Doodler Flow. 

Designed for creators ages 14 and up, this incredible tool allows you to make 3D works of art and customize just about anything. 

The 3Doodler Flow comes with eight spools of colored plastic, totaling 80 feet! | Source: 3Doodler

Similar to 3Doodler’s previous Create+ pen, the Flow allows users to draw in 3D using PLA or ABS plastic filament, or even a wood filament. But this pen swaps out the shorter strands for plastic spools that last much longer. Plus, the LCD screen provides real-time temperature monitoring, making sure your plastic never gets too hot and you can achieve the consistency you are looking for. 

With the 3Doodler Flow, creators can make anything they can imagine, including impressive 3D structures like this. | Source: 3Doodler

While painting and coloring are great hobbies, the 3Doodler Flow really pushes the envelope on creativity. Teens and adults can make functional objects with the pen, like candle holders, planters, design pieces, picture frames, and pretty much anything you can think of. The plastic can even act as an adhesive onto itself to fuse different materials and parts together. It’s an engaging, tactile experience that provides a perfect way to de-stress and enjoy some screen-free time. 

Creators can build and draw freehand, or use stencils, molds, or other materials for a more guided experience. Once the plastic extrudes from the pen, it hardens almost instantly, so you can even draw in mid-air (a cool party trick, if nothing else). 

The 3Doodler Flow lets creators draw vertically for unique creations. | Source: 3Doodler

The pen plugs into the wall so it won’t lose a charge, and out of the box you get eight different colors of plastic totaling 80 feet, so you can create lots of projects right away. While this pen does get extremely hot and is best used by older teens and adults, if you’re looking for a kid-friendly option, 3Doodler also has its Start+ pen that is great for the 8+ set! 

The 3Doodler Flow is a user-friendly, open-ended creative tool that is one of those “too cool, gotta see it to believe it” type of products. It offers a zen-like artistic experience and yields impressive results for homemade gifts, artwork, and more.


With this kit, teens can craft DIY solutions to everyday problems, make art, design things, and customize their space. They can draw freehand or use one of the hundreds of free online projects to make 3D creations.

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