Just spit it out already! PlayMonster’s 5 Second Rule is already a modern classic game, in which players must name things as quickly as they can before time runs out. Now, 5 Second Rule Relay puts an unpredictable twist on the original party game: you can pass it on!

Designed for players ages 8 and up, 5 Second Rule Relay comes with a whopping 374 cards, along with an electronic relay baton, a carrying case, and a rulebook. Setup requires three AAA batteries (not included) and a screwdriver to put them in the baton. Once the games are ready to begin, the rules are very easy to pick up. 

To start, simply read a card aloud. Each card lists a category in which you try to name as many items as possible. For example, some of the cards I encountered were “chip flavors,” “textures,” and “things you can find in an office.” Push the button opposite you on the baton and notice that the blue lights begin counting down. Shout out an answer! You only have five seconds. Then, pass the baton to any other player. The lights switch to counting down from the other side of the baton as the next player has five seconds to shout out an answer and pass the baton. This process continues until someone either repeats an answer or runs out of time, which means their life card gets taken away. If a player is really struggling to come up with an answer, they can use their pass card.

One aspect about 5 Second Rule Relay that makes it a great party game is that there is no limit to the number of players. It can be used at a hangout between two friends or at a party with 20 people. The only difference is the use of life and pass cards. For 2-12 players, the life and pass cards can be distributed evenly, while 13 or more players must play without the life and pass cards.

While playing 5 Second Rule Relay, I was surprised at how well the baton responds to a player’s touch. As long as it is carried on the red ends instead of the yellow middle section, the baton will accurately keep track of when it is passed to a new player and thus start the countdown at the right times.

With both audio and visual cues to establish how much time you have left, everyone can play 5 Second Rule Relay. Plus, with 700 different questions, kids can enjoy the game multiple times without repeating category cards.

5 Second Rule Relay offers a fun and spontaneous experience for both kids and adults that is sure to get your brain thinking and your heartbeat racing, even if it’s not a real relay race!


5 Second Rule just became more unpredictable with the new relay baton. Each player names one item in their given category and then passes the electronic baton. Here's the catch: You only have five seconds!

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