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If you’ve seen it on TV commercials or heard the radio ads, you probably know about Age of Learning’s Early Learning Academy. You may have read James Zahn’s, Senior Editor at The Toy Insider, expert review last year. However, what you may not be as familiar with is its online academic assessment tools. has 68 assessment tests that can determine where your child stands academically, which are a great resource for parents and care-givers. From overall kindergarten skills to grammar and math assessments, grown-ups can determine where kids meet grade-level goals —and where the child needs more support.

Grade-level assessments available through ABC Mouse | Source: ABCMouse.comSince the Early Learning Academy is for designed for kids ages 3-8 — usually prekindergarten through second grade — there are grade-level assessments for each school year. Also, there is specific subject matter analysis, such as “Separating Syllables” and “Telling Time”.

Most of the assessments take about 1-3 minutes. However, there is a handful that are closer to 8-9 minutes, but these longer-length analytical tests are often for kids in first or second grade since those particular grades have more complex subject matter being tested compared to the younger levels. (Plus, older kids are better at sitting still for the assessment than the younger ones!)


The majority of the assessments are independent valuations, so kids take them without adult assistance. There are a few appraisals where it states “Guided,” which means a grown-up needs to prompt and assist in the test-taking. However, to best gauge kids’ knowledge of the subject matter at hand, adults should not assist with giving the answers!

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After you have the results of the assessment, you can know what to work on to support your kids accordingly. While the results are great to know where kids should start to engage in the platform, it can also help you know if you need outside tutoring — as well as how to approach the concerns to your kids’ teacher for support during back-to-school night. If you take the assessments before the start of school, you can plan on working on the subjects so your kids are academically ready for the first day of school. Then, throughout your membership, you can have your kids take the evaluations again to catch any subject areas they may not have comprehended before the school year gets too far along!

All in all, is a great way to support your kids’ overall education success!

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