The AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T-Rex R/C is an epic toy that will tower over kids. | Source: Jakks Pacific/The Toy Insider

AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T-Rex R/C: an epic name for an epic toy.

New from Jakks Pacific, this inflatable, rechargeable dinosaur comes with a remote control that kids can use to drive it around. Epic not just in name but also in size, this dino measures more than 6 feet long and will tower above kids once it’s fully inflated, and it’s packed with awesome sound effects and special tricks. 

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the dinosaur itself is rechargeable, while the controller requires 3 AAA batteries. Once everything is ready to go, kids can lay the dino flat, turn it on, and turn on the controller to watch as the T. rex automatically inflates. Though the process only takes 20 seconds, it’s an interactive experience. Kids will hear sound effects that emulate paddock doors opening, alarms blaring, and a T. rex roaring to life. 

Now: the fun part. Kids can use the easy controls to move the dinosaur around. They can make the prehistoric beast perform 360 spins, move forward, backward, or side to side. It’s pretty easy to control if you’ve ever handled an R/C before. There are also two special triggers at the top of the remote that prompt sound effects, thrashing movements, stomping action, and a pre-programmed attack mode (which is just as chaotic and fun as it sounds). 

The dino runs for a solid 45 minutes before he needs to take a break and recharge. It’s definitely one of those toys that even the adults will be amazed by and be begging for a turn to try to control it. After all, nothing beats driving a giant dinosaur

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Because it’s inflatable, it’s no big deal if the dino bumps into things around the house, but you will need a large open space to play since the tail is super long. If the remote is left unattended for too long, the T. rex will time out and automatically deflate (which is nice because it helps preserve the battery a bit). As with any inflatable toys, there’s always a risk of popping it, but the T. rex comes complete with a patch repair kit, just in case. 

A total showstopper, the AirTitans Jurassic World Massive Attack T-Rex R/C is the perfect gift for kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs or R/C vehicles. The sheer size of the creature really takes things to the next level. Just remember: We take no responsibility for in-home dinosaur attacks! 😊 

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