Barbie Cutie Reveals Snowflake Sparkle Series | Source: Mattel/The Toy Insider

Barbie is at it again! Kids are loving Barbie Cutie Reveals so much that Mattel has expanded the line again with the Snowflake Sparkle Series.

The newest Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls are available in four styles: a deer, a husky, a polar bear, and an owl. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, each doll features an unboxing experience with 10 surprises, including a poseable Barbie doll dressed in a fuzzy animal costume. 

Each Barbie Cutie Reveal doll comes with two outfits. | Source: Mattel

Kids can unbox four surprise bags for additional accessories and a mini pet that matches Barbie’s costume. The costume top reverses to transform into a soft fleece jacket, and the costume head turns inside out into a pet bed. 

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These Barbie Cutie Reveals also have color-changing surprises. Kids can use the sponge-comb and ice cold water to make wintery “snowflake sparkle” face paint appear on Barbie’s face and to make the pet appear to open and close its eyes. The face activations will change back with warm water.

The Barbie Cutie Reveals Snowflake Sparkle Series is available at major retailers for $24.99 each.

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