The season 1 figures include Crow, Colt, Mortis, Spike, and Leon. | Source: PMI

Time to brawl!

The Brawl Stars 4.5-inch Action Figures from PMI combine cute character designs, the potential for action-packed play, and the collectibility of a mobile game with the world of action figures. 

Brawl Stars is a mobile action game available for iOS and Android. The multiplayer battle game features a number of different characters and game modes, as players battle each other (or robots) using their chosen Brawler characters. These characters are unlockable and collectible, through means such as purchasing in a digital shop. 

The game’s YouTube channel regularly features animations showing off the character personalities. | Source: Brawl Stars

The Brawl Stars 4.5-inch Action Figures are designed for kids ages 8 and up and feature some favorite Brawlers from the game. Specifically, Spike, Crow, Colt, Leon, and Mortis make up the season 1 release of Brawl Stars figures. Much like in the Brawl Stars game, these characters are collectible, each packaged in their own individual windowed box, with some multipacks available as well.

The figures are 4.5 inches tall (about the size of a Funko Pop!) and feature decent pose-ability and customization options via accessories. The cute Brawl Stars character designs translate well to this style of figure, so the characters, while a bit stylized, definitely look like themselves. 

The figures are all poseable and come with their own accessories. | Source: PMI

The Colt figure features the in-game Rare Brawler in all his glory, with his two signature revolvers as accessories. He’s got his red hair, open-collar shirt, purple vest, and, of course, his signature smirk. Colt’s head, arms, and legs are poseable, and kids can attach and remove the revolvers to and from his hands. 

Spike is a Legendary rarity Brawler from the game who also appears as a figure in this line. The character is essentially a cactus with pants and, because of his simple design, the figure is a spitting image of the in-game character. The figure comes with a cactus bomb accessory, just like the one Spike uses to shoot spikes at other players in the game. 

If Spike or Colt isn’t a kid’s favorite Brawler, they can also choose from Crow, Leon, and Mortis as 4.5-inch figures. The figures aren’t mystery boxes, so collectors will know what character they’re buying from the beginning, making it much easier for a kid to collect them all.

Any kid who enjoys Brawl Stars will likely be happy to receive a figure of their favorite character to brawl with. (Finding out which is their favorite might take a bit of work, but it would be well worth the reaction!)

A window box makes it clear which figure is getting added to the collection. | Source: PMI

While these are billed as collectibles, kids can also use the figures for imaginative play, as kids can recreate some of their best Brawl Stars moments or invent new ones. The posable limbs and accessories make for a bit more interactivity than the average collectible plastic figure. The accessories are also easy to remove, so Spike can get his cactus bombs thrown without delay. 

For kids, tweens, or teens who just want some cool room decor from their favorite game, these figures also function well as collectibles. They stand on their own, so kids won’t need a display base, though they might fall over with enough shaking. This makes them a good choice for a bookshelf or solid homework desk.

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And for any kids who aren’t a fan of the characters in this wave of figures, the larger Brawl Stars line from PMI features plenty of other familiar faces from the game. Other Brawlers such as Shelly and Poco have been released as 6.7-inch figures and even plushies!

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