The Care Bears Surprise Figures Peel N’ Reveal has 10 new combo Care Bears to collect! | Source: Basic Fun!

Everybody knows Care Bears. The adorable, nostalgic plush have been little ones’ best friends for generations. This year, all the Care Bears pals are back and better than ever with a new play pattern!

Basic Fun!’s new Care Bears Peel N’ Reveal Figures are collectible surprise toys that are covered in wrapping to hide which Care Bear lies beneath it. Kids ages 4 and up can peel away the colorful wrapping from the 2.75-inch figure to discover their new Care Bear friend.

There are 10 different Care Bears that kids can find in their set, but these aren’t your typical Care Bears — they’re all combinations of two different fan-favorite bears. For example, Always Heart Bear combines Always There Bear and Tenderheart Bear. The other potential characters are Champ-Shine Bear, Love Song Bear, Charm Bear, Friend Share Bear, Grump-A-Lot Bear, Best Secret Bear, Wishful Heart Bear, Lucky Star Bear, and Dreamtime Bear. Each of the bears is sculpted in a fun pose: making a hand heart, throwing up a peace sign, or with both paws up. 

The Peel N’ Reveal figures are covered with a paint-like wrapping that is so satisfying to peel! | Source: Basic Fun!

The wrapping that covers the bears has a paint-like texture, but doesn’t stick to the bear or leave a residue. To start peeling, kids need to remove the bear from its Care Bears-branded pedestal and turn it over. On the back of one of the feet, kids will find a chip in the wrapping that they can use to start peeling away. For the most part, peeling the wrapping away is easy. However, there are some sections — such as between the legs or hands — that can be especially tricky. Kids can use their fingers to peel, but a tool like a toothpick (or for older kids, tweezers) would also be a helpful alternative. 

As an unexpected bonus, the Peel N’ Reveal figures are also a great tool for kids who struggle with a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB), such as skin picking or hair pulling. It gives the same sensory feeling of peeling and scratching away at something without the pain. 

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The only downside to these adorable figures is that the peeled wrapping can make a bit of a mess as kids peel it away. It may be best to keep a broom and dustpan close by, or to have kids peel the figure over a paper towel or tablecloth. However, getting a new friend out of the deal makes it worth it! 

Even though the peeling experience is short-lived, the joy these Care Bears bring isn’t. When kids are done peeling, they can display their new Care Bears in their favorite spots. Plus, with a price tag of less than $5, it’s easy to bring home more than one. The Peel N’ Reveal collectibles are a great surprise for big and little kids alike!

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