What’s more of a dream job than playing UNO all day?

Mattel announced early last month that it was on the hunt to hire someone to play UNO. The part-time position would have the chosen person go out and introduce new fans to UNO Quatro, with a pay of $4,444.44 per week. Now, the Chief UNO Player has been hired, and she’s ready to challenge anyone walking through Pier 17 to a game!


#stitch with @uno the search is over 😉

♬ Summer – Croquet Club
Litzy’s Chief UNO Player TikTok submission features her UNO collection. | Source: Litzy Santana

Litzy Santana was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and graduated from Texas State with a degree in marketing. She’s been a passionate UNO player for a while now, collecting more than 70 different extensions of the game. She’ll be ready to face any willing players in an exciting game of UNO Quatro from 2-6 p.m. Wednesdays-Saturdays at New York City’s Pier 17.

UNO Quatro brings even more to the game of UNO, with tiles and swappable trays that keep players on their toes. Each turn, a player will slide their tiles into one of the seven trays, with the goal of getting four in a row. The special action tiles will keep things moving in unpredictable ways, such as letting a player push a tile out of a tray, swap two trays, and more.

UNO Quatro is available now at a variety of retailers. And Litzy Santana is ready to introduce New York UNO fans to the new game. She’ll be challenging pier-goers until Oct. 7, so those interested in giving it a go can head down to Pier 17 and try their luck at beating Mattel’s official Chief UNO Player!


This game combines the challenge of matching colors or numbers with getting four in a row. Players take turns sliding their tiles into one of seven trays, while action tiles increase the challenge.

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