Bring on the family fun with this familiar game! | Source: Flybar

Whether you are looking for that “WOW” toy or want something that brings the arcade to your abode, check out the Funpark oversized inflatable Skee-Ball from Flybar!

Using the included pump, you can inflate the Skee-Ball indoors or outdoors. With its double insulation construction, it takes about 30 minutes to inflate. Then, if using it outdoors, you can secure the toy to the ground for stability using the included stakes. If using indoors, you may want to tape the ramp down to get the best effect. Once inflated, the Skee-Ball is 11 feet long (with the ramp) and about four feet wide.

You will need a bike pump (not included) to inflate the four brown rubber balls — so kids can toss them and score points. There is a built-in ball return so it is easy to keep playing! Since the Skee-Ball can also be used indoors, you can set it up in the playroom, and kids have something to play with on a rainy day or for a unique playdate activity.

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You can leave it inflated for days of play or use the included pump to deflate it quickly and store the Skee-Ball until you want to use it again. It may be hard to get it back in the packaging, so this reviewer suggests having an extra-large rubber bin for storage!

Whether used indoors or outdoors, it is also a fun way to work on sports skills for basketball, bowling, or baseball, as it works on precision throwing. This is an enjoyable activity to add to a birthday party, family reunion, or backyard barbecue. Let everyone play casually — or make it a challenge with rounds and prizes!

Bring the carnival to your home!

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