You don’t have to be a mathlete to get hours of fun out of Insert Card Here!

This numbers-based card game from Winning Moves Games unites strategy, quick-thinking, and sabotage into potentially endless play. 

At its simplest, the goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. First, the dealer distributes cards to every player, plus extra for themselves, then places the card with the highest value and the card with the lowest value from their hand side-by-side on the table with enough room for another card in-between. Play goes to the left, with each participant placing a card that fits numerically between the two on the table. 

A few special cards add a pinch of right-brain spice to this game of arithmetic: Cards with a value of 1, 2, 98, and 99 are Wild Cards and can go between any two numbers, while Reverse Wild Cards (cards ending in 0) not only can fit between any two cards, but also change the direction of play. 

The game comes with 99 technicolor playing cards and an illustrated set of instructions. Recommended for 2-5 players ages 8 and up, Insert Card Here could definitely be enjoyed by slightly younger card sharks if parents are willing to take it a little slower.

Insert Card Here is an elaboration upon simple, classic card games like War. It also threads in elements of more complex number-based and strategy-centric card games, like Blackjack. Insert Card Here presents a great opportunity to challenge kids through play, however, its easily graspable nature ensures a minimum learning curve. It’s also useful for fostering a comfort with, and even an affection for, numbers outside of the classroom for younger players, despite the simple rules and base-level math skills required to play.

A straightforward premise with millions of potential outcomes, all within the parameters of a 99-card set, makes Insert Card Here the perfect bring-along game for playdates with friends, family picnics, and at-home sibling play. Even parents will enjoy the games’ surprises. One well-timed Reverse Card and the whole family is off to the races! 

Falling (thematically, not numerically) between strategy and simplicity, never before was game night such an easy upgrade!


In this card game, kids can insert a card between two other cards — one that’s lower in value and one that’s higher. Things move fast as the players quickly change the high and low cards and introduce wild and reverse cards into the gameplay. The first player to play all their cards wins the…

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