Goal: $25,000
Funding Period: through Dec. 7, 2017
Creator: Wetwire Robotics

Think of Amazon’s Alexa, but bear-y cute, furry, and marketed towards kids. This digital assistant is actually a teddy bear, and soon-to-be your child’s new BFF.

Lexa Bear is a talking teddy bear that puts a lovable, cuddly, face to digital assistants. She is designed to hold an Echo Dot or connect with any Bluetooth device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. A brainchild of Wetwire Robotics, Lexa Bear is designed to synchronize her mouth movements in real time to the human voice. She is not just limited to pre-recorded audio, like other assistants, and can speak with just about any audio she is connected to. Kids will feel like they’re holding a real conversation with Lexa Bear.

Like the Echo Dot, Lexa Bear can tell jokes, stories, trivia, games, teach, sing, and solve problems. When paired with a Bluetooth device, she can talk using any audio producing app. What makes her even more one-of-a-kind, is she is always growing, as she is not hard coded with programmed sounds or activities. As skills and apps are added every day from around the world, people and families are integrating digital assistants into their daily lives, allowing them to add those abilities to Lexa Bear as they develop over time.

Lexa Bear is set to sell for $149, but those who support the Kickstarter campaign can get their very own Lexa Bear for as low as $79 (during the early bird special) or for $99 anytime. Pledge $849 or more, and you can get a whole Lexa Bear squad of 10.

Bear-y interested? Click here to show some love for Lexa.

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Kelly Corbett

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