Fitbits may track your steps, but this kid-friendly wearable device can do ANYTHING kids program it to.

The Mover Kit, from Technology Will Save Us, is a new toy that lights up like a rave party, and can keep kids active both mentally and physically.

Kids must put the Mover together themselves, but it’s as simple as snapping pieces together with a click. By itself, it presents a variety of interesting functions. When kids hold down the button for three seconds, it activates the Activity App. Depending on how kids move around while wearing it, the Mover uses special motion sensors to light up in different ways. A dance will light up a spinning yellow circle, a spin will make the lights spin with blue and yellow, and running will activate a rainbow circle. Pressing the button once turns the Mover into a useful bike light that kids can attach to their handlebars; the light will turn white when the bike is in motion, and will glow red when the bike comes to a halt.

The true potential within Mover, however, can be accessed upon downloading the special Bolt program from TWSU’s website on a Windows or Mac computer. Plug in the Mover to a computer and download several different apps for it that will make the lights behave in unique ways. Users can turn their Mover into a nightlight, a fortune teller, program it to play a game of hot potato, or even turn it into a Pokéball and a lightsaber.

If the different preset functions on the website aren’t enough, kids can go into the “New App” tab and create their own functions using their imagination and a bit of simple visual coding. For example, kids can create a spinning color wheel with only yellow and pink lights that will spin when the Mover shakes, or enjoy a rainbow wheel in which the colors change position randomly when kids spin. Each app that kids create is saved on the website, so kids can always go back and change it if they want, and the creative possibilities and combinations are practically endless.

The Mover is a unique toy that takes a bit of getting used to. Programming a new app on the computer and putting on the Mover can be a confusing process, but a bit of practice and some adult supervision in its first few days of use will help kids learn how to use it on their own and get the most out of it. The Mover can also hold only one function at a time, so keep this in mind when exchanging apps through the computer.

This toy is a great way for kids to learn and stay active at the same time. With the different apps and functions available online, kids are able to learn basic to advanced coding and unique computer skills while customizing their Mover to their specifications. The many physical functions on the Mover will also keep them moving while they test and experiment each new app on their Mover.

With its distinct functionality and outlet for creativity, the Mover Kit is truly unlike any other toy out there.

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Carlos Cadorniga

Carlos Cadorniga

Carlos Cadorniga is an editorial intern at Adventure Publishing Group and a recent journalism graduate from Stony Brook University. He crafts weekly toy reviews for The Toy Insider and contributes to the Toy Book trade magazine. His hobbies include watching cartoons, singing, playing video games, creative writing, and bragging about his trip to Japan. His favorite color is pink and he will not let you forget it, and his favorite sport is seeing how many episodes of The Office he can rewatch on Netflix in one sitting.