Here are some decorating ideas for your child’s bedroom! | Source: Canva

If you are expecting a baby or are ready to give your child’s bedroom a design overhaul, then you may want to know the latest design trends in kid bedrooms and baby nurseries!

Having personally worked with interior designers and decorators as a licensed Real Estate Broker  — and a hobby design enthusiast on my blog and in my home — it is always fun to see what are the latest fashionable colors or the newest bedroom themes.

Often, the latest movies and popular television shows dictate emerging bedroom and nursery decor trends. For example, if there is a movie coming out about dinosaurs or dragons, you know there will be a lot of requests for these large reptiles in bedrooms. Yet, there are usually other style inspirations to consider too, such as clothing fashion and retro revivals!

Here are some of the current trends to consider in your kids’ sleeping spots!

Go natural for a modern design trend. | Source: Canva

Earthy Colors and Materials

A big interior design trend is using natural materials like rattan and bamboo. From rattan headboards to jute rugs, these are ways to incorporate the natural look into bedrooms. In addition to natural materials, also think about natural colors for walls, bedspreads, and furniture. Rather than walnut or cherry furniture, think about wood stains that are lighter, such as pine and oak. Use colors like off-white, cream, and linen to add to the natural feel. Of course, one of the biggest natural design trends is to use eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton and natural fibers. You can even use similar materials with toys, like this gray and natural colored wood play table from KidKraft.

Shiplap and beadboard are still popular in decor. | Source: Canva

Farmhouse and Cottage 

This trend is still going strong, but most interior designers would caution parents to not go overboard. Pick one or two focal points from this theme to not make your kids’ bedroom feel like a barn or a nautical shop. When you go too theme-specific, it is hard to do a design pivot as children get older. Thus, you have to overhaul the entire bedroom vs. just updating the duvet cover or rug. Some elements to focus on could be one focal wall with a beadboard or shiplap. To make it really pop, have the focus be on the ceiling for a high-end flair. Don’t forget to add some farmhouse and cottage themed toys! Check out Battat‘s Red Barn playset!

Blush is the new hue for rooms. | Source:

The Color Blush

Move over pink. There is a new hue in town.  The newest pink vibe is blush. Parents will appreciate this tint as it is soothing for kids yet adds subtle color. The blush color is also a pink shade that can grow with a child from newborn to teen. Making it a versatile color that can be changed by just adding different color accents as your child grows. Pair with creams, muted greens, and soft lavenders for an elegant bedroom or nursery. Don’t forget a blush-colored plush pal from Baby Gund to the nursery, too!

Go plaid for an updated look over stripes. | Source: Canva

Plaid vs. Stripes

Stripes are always a solid choice, but plaid is becoming more popular. It adds a lot of fashion flair to a bedroom, but yet also is sophisticated and whimsical at the same time. It is a pattern that can grow from infant to teenager. As with all decor trends, less is more. Decide what element will feature plaid in the bedroom — the wall, the rug, the curtains, or the bedspread — and stick with that. You can always add smaller plaid pieces throughout the room, such as an accent chair, pillows, or this plaid toy chest from Sweet JoJo Designs. If your kids don’t prefer plaid, then go with gingham!

Wallpaper is gaining popularity as a design element. | Source: Canva

Wallpaper vs. Paint

Another growing bedroom and nursery trend is moving away from paint and moving to wallpaper. If you grew up with a house full of wallpaper like I did, you may shiver at the idea of using it in your own home. However, wallpaper has come a long way, and can also be very durable in a kid’s bedroom. Take baby steps and just wallpaper one wall.  If you are not ready to take the plunge into paper, you can paint the ceiling a slightly darker or slightly lighter color than the walls for an elevated design look. Just ask your paint store to go 25-75% lighter using the same paint as the wall. Speaking of painting, don’t forget to get a kid-friendly art easel at home from Melissa and Doug.

Make sure kids’ bedrooms have a hangout zone that is not their bed. | Source: Canva

Workspaces and Places

Lastly, an interior design trend for kids’ bedrooms is to add a workspace. Whether is a small desk, recliner, or seat with a side table, the past year has shown designers and parents alike that kids may need a nook in their space for reading, writing, or doing homework. Even little kids would love this little activity learning table from VTech! Consider getting pieces that can be used in their very own apartment someday — after a little reupholstery, of course. Rather than an infant rocker, consider a swivel chair that babies will love when they are teens. Instead of a bulky desk, consider a small table that can be a vanity for later.

Look to catalogues for design inspiration. | Source: Canva

To get style inspiration, pursue websites like Pottery Barn Kids or Pottery Barn Baby and folder your search for the newest pieces. They obviously stock items they think will sell well, so see what the newest editions are to get a sense of what is coming up. Alternatively, follow the social media accounts of your favorite interior designers to see how they are styling rooms and see emerging trends. Do a search for interior designers or interior decorators in your region and find their accounts. Conversely, look at the account of local builders who often work with local decorators and real estate agents who know what buyers are looking for. Lastly, save those flyers and magazines and cut out the images you like.

At the end of the day, regardless of what the decor trends are or are not; decorate the nursery or bedroom in away that makes your child happy.

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