Make a splash this summer by amping up pool playtime! | Source: L.Perchik, Unsplash

Sun’s out, and fun’s out! Grab your favorite swimsuit and put on those shades because these creative pool games and toys will keep you entertained all summer long. There’s nothing more relaxing than a dip in the pool — whether you’re floating or swimming, a pool holds endless possibilities for outdoor fun.

Turn your spare change into a fun pool game! | Source: D. Zelasny

Group Pool Game: Wishing Well

To play this Wishing Well game, all you need are a few coins. Players line up at the edge of the pool, and a supervising adult throws coins to the bottom. Players can attempt to jump in and reach the coins before they float to the bottom or retrieve them and see who can find the most. You’d be surprised how many times kids want to play this one! Wishing Well works best with various size coins (gold dollars, silver dollars, quarters, etc.) to add extra fun. Plus, they can keep their finds at the end to add to their piggy banks.

Create a glow-in-the-dark pool party extravaganza with the Starlux Pool Party Kit! | Source: D. Zelasny

Night Swimming: Starlux Pool Party Kit

It’s always fun to do a little night swimming, and you can add some excitement with this awesome glow-in-the-dark pool games kit. Starlux Pool Party Kit contains some of the kids’ favorite games with added glow toys (such as sharks and minnows, Marco Polo, and more). The kit also contains wearable LED bracelets, relay race lights, and cards with different game ideas. When you’ve played the included suggested games, kids can always come up with their own, making the value of this pool party kit limitless!

Find your next chic look with a pool hair salon, fun for the whole family! | Source: M.Spiske, Unsplash

Fun for All Ages: Pool Hair Salon

No hairdo is a bad hairdo in the pool hair salon! See how many fun hairdos you can make on top of your head while your hair is wet: Swirl it on top of your head like an ice cream cone, make a wet beehive, slick it back, or come up with your own styles. For even more fun, add a running hose to the pool and pretend to “wash out” the hairstyle every time you create a new one.

Throw a party for your favorite toys like action figures! | Source: K.Smith, Unsplash

Fun for One: Toy Pool Party

A pool party doesn’t have to have live guests! Your children can throw imaginary pool parties for their favorite toys. Line up some waterproof favorites at the edge of the pool and pretend to host them for an afternoon pool extravaganza. You can even make themed treats to serve your imaginary guests. Want to throw a real pool party? Check out these 5 Tips for a Perfect Pool Party by The Toy Insider’s Charlene DeLoach.

Ready, set, race! Switch up pool time with some fun races with your rubber ducks!| Source: J.Richard, Unsplash

Water Competitions: Rubber Duck Races

Rubber duck races are a lot more challenging than they sound. In this game, players must race their rubber ducks from one end of the pool to the other without touching them. They can blow on them, make waves, use their hands near them, but they can’t touch the ducks. Want to make it more exciting? Set up some obstacles to move around along the way. Will your duck make it to the end of the pool first?

Inflate the fun with the perfect pool float or beverage boat! | Source: D. Zelasny

The Ultimate Pool Lounge: Incredible Inflatables

Everyone loves a good pool float. But have you ever tried filling the pool with your favorite inflatables? For example, this iridescent swim ring from Bestway makes a great addition to pool time fun, or the unique Malibu Barbie-inspired line from Funboy brings back all of the retro vibes. You can even add some cold drinks to the mix if you use an inflatable beverage boat, like the Piñata Beverage Boat from Big Mouth Inc. shown in the image above!

Now that you’re ready to hit the pool don’t forget to bring your water toys and flip-flops. A swimming pool offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities, family time, and relaxation. So please take advantage of it and enjoy that summer sun!

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