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Do you have a super sleuth at home? With the rise of popular deduction games like Among Us, many kids love solving mysteries and playing detective. Whatever type of secret agent you’re raising, you can celebrate their birthday with a spy-themed party! Let’s investigate some of these fun ideas to have the most intriguing birthday ever!

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Every party needs some games, so gather your team and see if you can pull off the heist of the century! In the fast-paced game called Heist, from University Games, players work together to crack a safe filled with gold in five minutes or less. Each player gets to choose a role for the mission, such as hacker, lookout, or explosives expert. There are multiple levels and chances to become the Heist champion. Need more game ideas? Take a look at these Seven Must-Have Mystery Games.

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Save some money by creating your games at home or setting up experiment stations. Put out paper, baby wipes, and washable ink pads and have children experiment with fingerprints and mini magnifying glasses. Let them examine each other’s fingerprints and see how they differ.

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Melissa and Doug have plenty of activities available for super sleuths! Set up a table with different play options for party guests, such as the On the Go Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set or On the Go Secret Decoder Activity Books. Kids can enjoy mazes, puzzles, search and finds, and other unique challenges that require special decoders or markers to solve. Each kit comes with everything kids need to solve the puzzles inside.

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It’s easy to turn everyday food items into spy-themed birthday treats. Print out labels reading ‘truth serum’ to attach to regular water bottles. A bowl of chocolate donut holes (with pieces of red licorice stuck to the tops) can become mini bombs to diffuse/eat! Serve up a bowl of “Pop Secret” Popcorn as a snack, or add a ‘classified’ sign to a regular birthday cake as an added prop.

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Having so many little detectives in your living room might seem overwhelming, so why not try a spy-themed party away from home? Look into local age-appropriate escape rooms and fun-themed locations like The Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., or Spyscape in New York City. Some of these places even offer virtual trips and free print-outs that you can use at home.

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Don’t let your mini private investigators go home empty-handed. Instead of goodie bags, think outside the box and send each of your guests home with their very own magnifying glass. These jumbo magnifiers from Fat Brain Toys can even be personalized with each party-goer’s name (use a paint pen or letter decals).

So, the next time you want to spring a surprise party, consider a Spy-themed one and use one of the ideas above! Especially since they are not ‘top secret’!

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