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A Star Wars-themed party is always a big hit with kids, especially if you’ve got on-theme activities, games, and food! Here are seven ideas for an epic Star Wars-themed party.

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You can’t have a Star Wars party without a few Jedis-in-training in attendance. Set up a fun obstacle course for party goers to complete in order to get their Jedi certificate. A combination of hoola hoops, traffic cones, and rope can set the stage for a great challenge! Make sure to have certificates to hand out. If you want a ready-made obstacle course, check out Obstacle Course in a Box by Endless Games or the American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Race Set by b4 Adventure.

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While it may not be the Droid you are looking for, building droids and robots is a fun activity that can also work on teamwork and STEM skills. Plus, the finished bot can double as the party favor! A simple solution is to provide a variety of clean, recyclable materials like paper towel rolls, ribbon scraps, duct tape, clean cans, and bottles to see what kids can imagine. If you want something more ready-made, have lots of Junk Bots sets from HEXBUG on hand!

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Serve up some slushies and bring back the vibe of the snowy Hoth planet. Theme the flavors with characters or places from the franchise, like Leia Lemonade or Swamp Juice slushies. A blender, some ice, and syrup will do the trick in making slushies of all flavors. Line up all the flavors in a themed ‘Cantina Creation Station.’ However, if you want a themed machine, check out the ICEE machine from iScream.

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A Star Wars party would not be complete without some lightsabers! If you don’t mind a bit of friendly competition, consider simple pool noodles and duct tape for a DIY approach. Kids don’t even have to engage with each other if you’re putting on a socially distant affair. Instead, set up a tower of foam blocks, then blindfold each player one at a time, and challenge them to see how many foam blocks they can knock over! If you want a more authentic lightsaber, check out The Last Jedi Bladebuilders Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber from Hasbro.

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Get some blasters and set up some targets for kids to blast at. A simple target solution is a paper towel or toilet paper rolls with cut-out images of Stormtrooper masks on them. Make a higher point value one of Darth Vader that is harder to hit. Consider blasters like the upcoming summer release of the Nerf Rival Curve from Hasbro or the Marshmallow Blaster Extreme Blaster from ZING.

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Set up a selfie station with fun props and signs with quotes from the Star Wars movies. You can find many printables and sayings on Pinterest. Consider having a camera like the KIDIZOOM Action Cam HD from VTECH. Kids can capture all of their adventures through 720p HD video or photos. Kids can also unleash their party pizazz with camera features like time-lapse photos, stop-motion video, burst mode, fast- and slow-motion video, frames, wide-angle lens, and special effects.

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Consider a Star Wars-themed board game for some more on-theme fun. The Star Wars Mandalorian Snack Time Game from Buffalo Games is great for 2-4 players ages 4 and up. Players try to be the first player to get all their frogs to the other side of Grogu by feeding him using the little launchers. Party hosts can set up round-robin tournaments with the final two players going head-to-head to determine who is the ultimate Jedi Master.

Don’t forget to play Star Wars music using the Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Bluetooth Speaker from eKids. Plus, remember some intergalactic goody bags! You may even want to hand out Star Wars Funko Mystery Minis as the perfect low-cost, high-value parting gift.

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