Magnify the fun with Magformers’ magnetic toys! | Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

Magnet-based toys are a must-have in your kid’s playroom. Especially the Stick-O line of magnetic toys from Magformers!

What are Stick-O magnet toys exactly? They are three-dimensional building pieces that hold together with magnets rather than a tongue-and-groove type of system. The Magformers brand uses rare-earth neodymium magnets that are the strongest of their kind. This means the building pieces stick securely — no matter how complex the design. Plus, the rotating magnets always attach, regardless of their positive/negative pole. So for many kiddos, it turns building into a frustration-free play experience.

What makes magnetic toys great for kids is that they can build unique 3D structures. Being able to create and play in such a way lets kids develop mathematical and scientific thinking and foster creativity, imagination, and reasoning.

Magnet toys can also grow with your kids. For example, when a kid is 3 years old, they may pretend-play with the pieces or have fun seeing what they can make. As the 3-year-old grows older, the magnetic toys can morph into tangible tools for geometry or science. This reviewer has even seen teens and adults enjoy connecting pieces as a fun fidget toy.

Stick-O toys are perfectly sized for play. | Source: Magformers

The Stick-O sets are unique because they are great for little hands to hold. The smooth surfaces mean no sharp corners, and the shapes inspire kids to think outside the lines. What makes any of the Stick-O sets supreme for play is that kids can use them as a toy or prop-play items for other toys, like during doll play or toy car play.

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With the Stick-O 10-Piece Set, you can take the pieces on the go. Just place them in a small pouch and watch how perfect they are for engaging and entertaining kids when you travel or while kids are waiting at a restaurant or a doctor’s office! The Creator Set is an excellent toy to keep at grandma or grandpa’s house because the pieces can store easily in the box. Then, when the grandkids visit, the set can entertain multiple kids of various ages.

All in all, Stick-O toys bring their magnetic personality to playtime anytime!

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