top back to school supplies for 2019

top back to school supplies for 2019

Get those shopping carts ready! It’s time to hit the stores and find some fun back-to-school supplies for a brand new school year. There’s so much to choose from, it’s often hard to know where to start. Thankfully, most schools provide a list of necessary items, but what about the fun stuff? What’s new? What’s exciting? Don’t worry, back-to-school supply shopping doesn’t have to be a chore if you know what you’re looking for. Take a look at this list of fun must-have school supplies, and start filling those backpacks!

must have back to school supplies

Personalize It!

Chalk of the Town makes an entire line of items you can personalize with brightly colored chalk markers. Kids can design their own tote bags with Chalk-of-the-Town’s tote bag kit, or make their very own personalized shirt to wear on the first day of school. The best part? You can wipe the design clean and make a new one when you’re ready for a change!

must have back to school supplies

Be ‘Scent’sational

Kids can head back to school in ‘scent’sational fashion thanks to the folks at Scentco. With scented Cutie Fruities pencil cases, notebooks, Smencils, Smarkers, and Smens, the school year is bound to be sweet. Also debuting from Scentco is Plush Crush — a plush character hidden inside a puzzle ball. Kids can throw the ball to break it open, revealing a plush collectible that can hang from a backpack.

must have back to school supplies

Make Your Mark

Crayola is one of the top names in school supplies, and aside from their beloved crayons and markers, they have some new supplies for the season that even adults will love. The Take Note collection comes in vibrant colors and styles such as permanent markers, dry erase, felt tip pens, and my favorite, the erasable highlighter! It’s fun to highlight and use the other end of the pen to “erase” the highlighting mark or design a pattern over it.

must have back to school supplies 2019

Make Mistakes

It’s okay to make mistakes when you have your very own handmade erasers! Eraserooz from Orb Toys is a kit that allows kids to create their own erasers with molds and sculpting tools. Or check out Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker from Bandai, a kit that comes with enough materials to make up to 10 erasers. Kids can share them with friends or create their own collection for the school year.

top school supplies 2019

Wear It Well

There are a myriad of backpacks available on the market, and some feature favorite characters from movies and toys. LoungeFly has created an entire Star Wars-inspired line, including the faux leather mini BB-8 (featured in The Toy Insider’s Great Geeky Gifts) or their Stranger Things printed nylon backpack.

top school supplies for kids

Organize Your Lunch

If you’re tired of the same old lunchbox styles, then it’s worth looking into an OmieBox. An OmieBox is a hot and cold Bento box, with individual compartments for food and drinks. Sturdy and insulated, OmieBoxes come in a variety of colors with a handle for easy carrying.

No matter what supplies you choose to add to your list, if you face the school year with a smile, you’re already ahead of the game! And be sure to check out all of the back-to-school posts at The Toy Insider before the big day!

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