No, I am not a Scrooge. In fact, I love Halloween. But sometimes, there is such a thing as too much candy. With many schools eliminating candy entirely, you need to look for alternatives for the classroom party. There are so many non-candy Halloween treats and I bet the other parents will love you for it!

7 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

7 non-candy halloween treats

What kid doesn’t love Play Doh? Grab the party pack tubes of Play-Doh and hand those out instead of candy bars. Plus, Play-Doh lasts longer than a chocolate bar!


If you need a snack treat for the Halloween party, mandarin oranges can simply be turned into fun Jack-o-laterns! Just draw on a Jack-o-lantern face with a black sharpie and you are all set!


Glow sticks and Halloween go hand in hand. Kids love wearing them and they are perfect to help them stand out at night!


Get creative with some printables! There are so many free printables out there to turn something simple, like glow sticks or pencils, into a cute and spooky treat.


If you are really feeling crafty, you can make these adorable pumpkin pouches to hold small treats like temporary tattoos, spiders, and stickers.


Sidewalk chalk and crayons are another one of my kids’ favorites! You can never have too many really. These are a quick and easy Halloween treat and come in small enough packs that they’ll fit into any trick-or-treater’s bag.


Lip balm is another treat that can be dressed up with a free printable. With the cooler weather, it’s also practical! Plus, these are great little treats for older kids as well.


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