When it comes to magic, a big part is believing. There’s one element of magic that children believe in more and more these days: Fairies.

Between the tooth fairy, garden fairies, Tinkerbell, and family fairies, it’s wonderful to watch the magic happen in and out of the home. There are fairies for both girls and boys, and pixie dust that can be sprinkled in many different ways.

Lets start with the Tooth Fairy—you know, the magical creature who collects your children’s teeth, in exchange for a modest gift. The Tooth Fairy is probably the most common and popular fairy of all. This fairy has some real power and helps to ensure a bright smile and good dental habits. When it comes to making your fairy feel welcome, you can create pillows, boxes, or letters to get the magic flowing through your house. Or, go the old school route and just place the tooth under a pillow. Do what works best for your family and fairy!

tooth fairy pillow by Suburban Wife City Life

Alternatively, the Garden Fairy watches over your garden and helps the plants to grow. Making a small home or play area for them is a kind gesture. It is also something to encourage kids to spend time in the garden. There are so many fun little fairy accessories out there that make it easy to make a space for them. It also gives your garden a little more pizzazz. Or you can buy a ready-made kit, like this version from PlayMonster.

garden fairy kit

Tinkerbell is Disney’s most iconic fairy, known for her sassy attitude and magical fairy dust that makes kids fly! Always tinkering around, she encourages you to believe in yourself and never give up. I’m sure we’ll see Tinkerbell Halloween costumes on Disney fans of all ages this year, including this cute one from Disguise!

The House Fairy is a relatively new group of flying beauties, and they are the fairies you can invite into your home. These enchanted fairies can enter your home through a fairy house you decorate, or a door that’s just small enough to fly through. I’ve also seen quite a few more elaborate ways to welcome a fairy, and all of them look like they bring imagination and fun for all ages. Two great kits for fairy doors are the Irish Fairy Door by The Irish Fairy Door Co., and Opening Fairy Doors by Cra-Z-art.

fairy door

The last fairy is the one inside of all children and adults. This fairy is my favorite. These fairies are what childhood and parenting is all about. They allow kids to believe they have magic and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Parents get to experience the fun and belief through their children and play.

With so many fairies, it’s fun to add them to the family adventures. So, tell me, does your family have any fairies?

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Destiny Paquette

Destiny Paquette

Destiny Paquette runs the blog Suburban Wife, City Life. She is mom to two adorable and fun kids, and wife to Mike. Destiny works full-time in the city for Blue Man Group and lives in the suburbs of New Jersey. She writes about toys, do-it-yourself projects, travel, and life.