alternative easter egg hunt ideas

alternative easter egg hunt ideasSometimes kids get bored with the same old Easter egg hunt, searching for plastic eggs with candy inside. Perhaps they are getting too old for this tradition, but you want to still have it. Here are some alternative Easter egg hunt ideas and alternative Easter Egg filler ideas to keep this tradition fresh and egg-citing.

alternative easter egg hunt ideas

Alternative Egg Hunt Ideas

Water Easter Egg Hunt

For those of you in warmer climates and have a pool in the backyard, make it a water egg hunt. Toss empty plastic Easter eggs  – numbered 1-10 (or more) – in the pool. Have them swim to get whichever eggs they can grab. Once they ‘egg-sit’ the pool, they can turn in their egg for the coordinating prize that you have numbered on the sidelines.

Pinata Egg Bash
Who says you have to have a yard for an Easter egg hunt. Try a Pinata! Instead of looking for individual plastic eggs, stuff the eggs in a piñata. Use the stick to hit the piñata and have the kids gather their eggs that way!

Eggciting Scavenger Hunt
Instead of finding plastic eggs, have your kids find clues instead. Print out clues on Easter-themed paper for a scavenger hunt! Once the kids follow the last clue, they find a toy or an Easter basket.

Find Toys, Not Eggs 

Some toys are just too cute to put in a plastic egg! Instead, use the toys as the object to find. For example, Blume Baby Pops from Skyrocket are adorable to discover on their own. Just hide the sprouts around the home or yard. Once the kids find the sprout, they can discover a cute baby or cute baby accessory inside. Dino Smashers Epic Egg Series 3 from ZURU are orange eggs with fun surprises inside for a great egg to find. Lastly, consider the Oh My Goo, Single Pop balloons from WeCool Toys. On a stick, these fun pops are filled with glitzy slimy compound and a surprise piece of jewelry! Stick them in various places around the yard or home for a fun hunt.

easter egg filler ideas

Alternative Egg Fillers

Instead of candy, fill the eggs with kid-favorite activities, like “stay up an extra hour,” or “get an extra dollar in the weekly allowance,” or “have an extra serving of dessert.” Give kids a set amount of time to find the eggs, and whatever they find, they can turn in at later dates for special activities!

Another idea is to fill the eggs with a piece or pieces of a 25 or 60 count puzzle. They have to find all the eggs to get all the pieces of the puzzle! Alternatively, put a bunch of micro Jixelz puzzle pieces from Fat Brain Toys inside each egg for a fun design to make post-egg hunt!

Fill the eggs with slime! Kids can then have a bucket of slime at the end! Mix & Mash YoBucket 3D Goosh from WeCool Toys is a fun option. Once the kids have all the slime, they can use the include 3D glasses to make the compound pop!

Do you have other ideas for egg hunts or egg fillers? Share them below! Or check out my post with even more Easter egg filler and hunt ideas!

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