Our family always has apple picking on our fall agenda. If you do, then you want to check out this post with apple picking tips! However, once you pick those bushels of apples, what do you do with them all, other than eat them? Play with them, of course!

Inevitability, we get apple-d out. We feast on apple pie, apple strudel, apple jelly, and apple crisp, and after all that, we do not want any more apples. But don’t let the rest go to waste! Use those juicey reds in future learning and play opportunities.

apple activities using real apples
Apple Bowling: Take some empty water bottles or 2 liter soda bottles, take off the branded tags, and use red construction paper and scissors to cut out the shape of a red apple and glue it onto the bottle! Repeat 10 times, then line them up and roll the apple! Have a few different apples on-hand to let kids experiment to see which rolls the bes, and add numbers to each bottle to make it a math game!

Apple Volcanoes: Gather some clear dish-washing soap, red food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, a knife, a baking pan, and several apples. Cut a well into the top of the apple, going about half way down. Place the apples into a baking pan and fill the holes with baking soda. Play with the amount to see what kind of volcanic action you may get for a fun science experiment. Take some dish-washing detergent (about a tablespoon), a cup of vinegar, and mix some food coloring (optional) to get a good red color. Then add the mixture into the holes and watch the eruption!

Apple Building: Put away the legos and cut up some apples! Cut a variety of apples into small pieces, then grab some toothpicks and see what the kids can create. Feel free to sprinkle some lemon juice on the pieces before hand so they don’t get too brown while the kids are playing.

Apple Relay: Have some fun with apple relays. Grab some spoons and place an apple on top and create some races. Make it simple at first, with the kids running from one end of the yard to the other with an apple showing the starting line and finish line. Then take some more apples and make a course. Place apples in a straight line about 2 feet apart and have the kids weave in and out of the apples. Or create a circle and have them go around and around! Speaking of circles, don’t forget a fun game like Hot Apple! Similar to Hot Potato, play music while passing the apple around in a circle and when the music stops, whomever is holding the apple is out! Keep playing until there is one winner! Make sure to have lots fun prizes!

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