Retro Colorforms TMNT and Care Bears

Retro Colorforms TMNT and Care Bears

Whether nostalgic or new to you, Kahootz’s Classic Colorforms is a fun activity with social story benefits. The Colorforms activity sets feature reusable, colored pieces that stick to a glossy, play-board surface. The surfaces also have a magnetic edge so kids can connect individual play-boards to make an even larger surface.

The surface serves as a backdrop for kids — and their caregivers or therapists — to create stories. This ability to tell a story provides opportunities for visual learning and social engagement. Creating social stories through gameplay enables kids to get a preview glimpse of events or actions that they need help navigating or preparing for in advance. It also helps recap or review best practices after the fact.

Retro Colorforms TMNT
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Colorforms Adventure Set

Many of the Colorforms Classics editions are sets that feature licensed characters, such as Care Bears, Barbie, Snoopy, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Licensed characters often provide greater relatability that enables kids to engage with the toy from the time they open the box.

The Original Colorforms: Picture Pets Playset

Other sets featuring generic characters or targeted topics, such as the weather, are available, too. While different, themed playsets are available for different interests, the colored pieces are all interchangeable between sets so that Barbie can hang out with Snoopy. This freedom allows kids to engage their imaginations and vary play.

Most sets retail for around $10 and are portable. The board folds up with the colored pieces inside, making Colorforms great for travel or use in restaurants. The colored pieces are lightweight and easy to manipulate on the board, so it should reduce mobility and frustration challenges for kids. It can actually help with fine motor skills, too.

Colorforms are for kids ages 3 and up. Adults with kids with cognitive and physical challenges may find Colorforms a great (and fun) addition to therapy and play.

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