Are you looking for some non-candy treats to put in your kid’s Easter basket? Small board games and card games are perfect for filling baskets. I love the social and educational benefits of playing board games with my kids, so I look for any excuse to give games as gifts.

When looking for games to add to Easter baskets, card games and board games packaged in small boxes will work best. Get hopping into your next family game night with one of the games suggested below!

Sleeping Queens (Gamewright)

Sleeping Queens from Gamewright is an entertaining way for kids to practice addition. Players must try to wake up the queens, who are under a sleeping spell. The queens are worth different points, and the player with the most at the end wins.

3Up 3Down (OK2Win)

3Up 3Down from OK2Win is a fast-paced card game for two to six players ages 7 and up. Players try to discard their cards first to win; however, three of their cards are hidden until the end. It’s quick and only takes about 10 minutes to play, and it will have your kids asking for just one more round.

Dino World (Haba)

Dino World from Haba is a dexterity game that is perfect for dinosaur-loving kids. Each player takes turns flicking their dinosaur cards off of the hunting rock (aka the game box). The goal is to land your dinosaur on top of your opponent’s smaller dinosaurs. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Karuba Card Game (Haba)

The Karuba Card Game from Haba is a variation of the popular Karuba family board game. Players lay down cards to create paths for their adventurers while trying to outsmart their opponents so they don’t lose a card. Players use the ways to connect your adventurer to temples and collect treasures.

UNO Flip (Mattel)

UNO is a classic family card game from Mattel Games, and now there’s UNO Flip!, a new twist on the time-tested game. The cards are double-sided; players can play as they normally would with the Light Side, but the Dark Side has stricter penalties for drawing cards and skipping players. When someone plays a Flip Card, everyone has to flip their cards to the other side. It’s a great way to add a new challenge, especially when playing with older kids.

Bugs on Rugs (Kids Table)

Bugs on Rugs is a set-collection card game featuring butterflies, ants, spiders, fireflies, and ladybugs. Players take turns drafting bugs from the Floor into their hands to make different sets, and each bug type has a different ability and scores differently at the end of the game. This helps kids learn to think strategically about which cards to draft and play. The game has simple rules, short playtime, and lots of different ways to create scoring combinations.

Farmini (Loki Games)

Farmini is a cute tile-placement game for kids. Players draw and place tile cards to build their farms. They must try to protect the cornfields and keep the wolves from scaring away their animals. It’s a great way to introduce preschool-aged kids to tile placement games.

Fluxx (Looney Labs)

In Fluxx, the rules just keep changing throughout the game. The cards played determine the rules and goals, and they are replaced by new cards until one player fulfills the current purpose. Every round of this card game plays a different way! There are lots of theme variations of Fluxx as well, such as Chemistry Fluxx, Anatomy Fluxx, Math Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, and Marvel Fluxx.

Filler (Green Couch Games)

Filler is a fun, pastry-themed, set-collection card game. Players secretly bid to see who will arrive at work the earliest, collect ingredients and bake sweet desserts. Whoever arrives to work first gets the first pick; however, the cards with early times often have valuable ingredients on them. This game would make a sweet addition to anyone’s basket!


Popcorn Poppin’ (YULU)

For a change of pace, consider Popcorn Poppin’ from YULU. It’s a fun twist on the classic hot potato game. Players pass around a popcorn container, and when the popcorn pops, the player holding it is out. For an added challenge, use the die and follow the commands. You can remove the game from the outer packaging to make it fit into an Easter basket more easily. 

I hope these recommendations help you fill your Easter baskets with fun new games. For even more board game suggestions, check out these cooperative games for kids.

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Darcy Zalewski

Darcy Zalewski

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