Between the Hot 20, STEM 10, and Top Tech 12 top toy lists, The Toy Insider has selected amazing toys that will delight kids of all ages this year. From tigers to teddy bears, babies to BB-8, these are the toys that should be on your shopping list!

As parents on The Toy Insider’s Parent Panel, we love all The Toy Insider’s hot holiday toy picks but, of course, we all have our favorites. Picking just one favorite toy from these 42 amazing options was tough, but we love a challenge! Most of these toys are already on our own childrens’ wish lists (OK, OK, some we want for ourselves, too! Don’t tell the kids…)

Here are our favorite toys of 2017!

charlene_deloach_2017Charlene DeLoach, Charlene Chronicles 
Lead Toy Insider Parent (2013-2017)
Parent Panel Pick: Disney Princess: Dance Code Belle (Hasbro)

“Dance Code Belle is a robotic doll from Hasbro that is controlled by a coding app. The connected app provides two different ways to code Belle’s dance routines depending on age and skill level. It became my parent pick because it offers tremendous educational growth and play value. Not only it is cool and fun, but it puts the child in control of the toy. It is an entry into coding, but it’s product is about dance, rather than robots or gaming. Plus, Dance Code Belle features a familiar Disney princess, making kids who may have been hesitant or intimidated by coding now eager to learn this realm. Whether it is a start to the world of coding, or just a way to practice executive functioning skills, this is a unique toy for the upcoming holiday season.”

stephgloverheadshotStephanie Glover, A Grande Life
Toy Insider Parent: 2014-2017
Parent Panel Pick: Teddy Ruxpin (Wicked Cool Toys)

“I was over the moon when I heard that Teddy Ruxpin was making a comeback! He is just a big piece of my childhood and one of the few toys I remember loving from a young age. He helped me learn to love reading and I cannot wait to share that with my own children. I love that Wicked Cool Toys is keeping the heart of Teddy Ruxpin while making advances that will help this tech-heavy generation fall in love with Teddy Ruxpin themselves!”


destinypacquetteDestiny Paquette, Suburban Wife City Life
Toy Insider Parent: 2015-2017
Parent Panel Pick: Fingerlings (Wowwee)

“When that first Fingerling hung from my finger and blew a kiss back to me, I knew this would be my No. 1 pick for the holidays. With so many different ways to interact and play, it’s great for girls and boys who love animals. The technology makes this small-sized toy a big surprise of fun and something you shouldn’t wait to pick up. The hardest decision will be picking what color!”

timburnsTim Burns, A Geek Daddy
Toy Insider Parent: 2016-2017
Parent Panel PickStar Wars Hero Droid BB-8 (Spin Master)

“Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their very own droid from the Star Wars movies?! Now, that fantasy can become a reality with Spin Master’s Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8! The toy is lifelike in size standing more than 16 inches tall, features film-accurate visual details and sound effects, AND is capable of realistic interactions with people. BB-8 includes a remote control device instead of using an app to direct it, so kids don’t need a phone to play with the toy—an aspect I really like.  BB-8 also isn’t reliant solely on the remote control as it also comes to life through voice commands or uses motion sensors in Follow Me mode to loyally roll beside you.  Spin Master’s BB-8 is impressive, most impressive. Star Wars fan swill roar like a Wookiee in delight over receiving BB-8 for a holiday gift.”


jameszahnJames Zahn, The Rock Father
Toy Insider Parent: 2016-2017
Parent Panel Pick: Disney Junior Doc McStuffins All-on-One Nursery (Just Play)

“Since its debut in 2012, Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins has been and continues to be a very important series for kids. Just as the show has evolved, so have the toys, and this year the big item is the All-in-One Nursery. With this set, kids have the best in both medical and baby play in one spot, complete with all the tools and accessories to offer world-class care to all residents of their very own ‘toy hospital.’

Little ones can start the exam by checking baby’s height and weight with the built-in scale. They’ll love Doc’s portable electronic patient laptop (with lights and sounds) along with the lights & sounds stethoscope. Also included are a play thermometer, otoscope, and aspirator, along with sticker “bandages” and more. When it’s time for a nap, the dolls can snuggle-up in the cradle as kids spin the mobile above. Rock Father-approved for hours of imaginative play!”

Drew Bennett, BenSpark
Toy Insider Parent: 2017
Parent Panel PickNintendo Switch (Nintendo)

“With the power of a console in a light and portable format, the Nintendo Switch is a must-have for any on-the-go gamer. Add a large capacity micro SD card and download all of your games to take with you anywhere. The Nintendo Switch may not have many games yet, but what it does have are amazingly in-depth and beautiful games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and fun social games, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and ARMS. The Nintendo Switch is all about having fun. Fun with solo play, fun with head-to-head play, and fun with a group and online play. Also, with an upcoming all-new game featuring Nintendo’s most popular character, Mario, the Nintendo Switch is perfect to stuff in the holiday stocking. It will actually fit in one, too. Out of the package of course.”

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Charlene DeLoach

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