3-ideas-for-dealing-with-unwanted-toysKids everywhere are so excited for the holidays! They are preparing themselves for an influx of gifts from relatives, friends, and even neighbors. The downside to a sudden influx of toys is that not all will be met with a happy smiling face and ‘ah’ expression. Some will be rejected from the very start while others will only be used for a while only to be cast away after their allure fades.

That leaves us parents with unwanted but still usable toys that seem to just pile up! The result? A mountain of unused toys that make you want to scream or turn and run whenever you enter your child’s bedroom or playroom. So, make sure to carry out the following steps before it gets to that point.

1. Give to Charity. If your child already has a ton of toys, donating the unwanted items to the less fortunate is the best course of action. The best part is that it is so easy to rid yourself of unwanted toys via the option of donation. This is especially so during the holiday season where you need to only walk a few blocks from your home to find toy drive setups. Even without the seasonal toy drives, still there are plenty of places to donate toys (for example hospitals, charity shops, children’s homes, online charity organizations, etc.) all year round.

2. Throw a Toy Swap Party. A swap party offers you the chance to rid your home of a stockpile of unwanted toys and still make your child happy. For this to work however, it is essential that kids are included in the swapping part of the party. Getting kids involved in the exchanging of toys helps to ensure that items are exchanged quickly and everyone goes home happy with a toy that they will actually use.

3. Try Re-gifting. If you have kids, chances are that you also have little nephews, nieces, cousins, or friends with children. This means that you probably spend a good amount of money each year on gifts. The unwanted toys in your home offer you a chance of saving some of that money. After all, one child’s unwanted toy is another kid’s treasured plaything. So, gather up all unwanted toys, reseal them, and store them for the next Christmas, new year, or birthday. Just make sure that the original gift givers do not find out, as the last thing you want is to have to explain how a gift they went to all the trouble to get and maybe even spent a lot of money on, ended up with another child.

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