Looksi Pups, from Looksi, are best described as a cross between Nintendogs and Tamagotchi. Looksi Pups transform a digital puppy into a physical puppy with the revolutionary 3D Looksi Kennel. Download the free iPhone app, pop your iPhone into the Looksi Kennel and the Looksi Pups comes to life in amazingly-lifelike 3D, tail wagging and ready to play.

Looksi Pups feature 7 different breeds of pups; 15 voice commands including “fetch,” “boogie,” and “chase tail;” voice recognition which responds only to the owner’s voice; a host of extra accessories; games and tricks to be unlocked; interaction capabilities with other Looksi Pups who can play in each others’ kennels; an “alarm clock” and “guard dog” function; games which use voice commands and the phone’s tilt sensors; and a protective tray to keep the phone safe and secure.

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