Whether you are looking for a gift for a baby shower or something to purchase for your own little bundle of joy, there is a lot of amazing baby gear out there. I picked five that are new and noteworthy for your little newborn. These are unique products that—quite frankly—I wish I had access to when my current two kids were young!

Tote Savvy (Life In Play Company)

This product turns your favorite handbag into a diaper bag. The insert enables you to pick a current handbag you already love and transform it into diaper duty. Plus, you can use the insert to change bags at a blink of an eye!

The ToteSavvy organizer includes 11 multi-use pockets, a washable changing mat, a key clasp, and an insulated pocket. You know, the essentials. It all stores inside a compact book-like design. There is no other organizer like ToteSavvy because it is patented (and in my case, parent approved). Once past the diaper stage, this insert makes for a great organizer for after school activities. Snacks and sneakers anyone? MSRP: $72.00

Tranquilo Soothing Mat (Tranquilo Mat)

Most Moms cannot live without a rocker or swing to help soothe a baby (and get them to sleep!). I always said I wish I could pack it up to take it with me in the car. Well, Tranquilo thought the same thing. The Tranquilo Soothing Mat enables you to calm your wee one on-the-go. As seen on Shark Tank, it’s a portable vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or the no frills pack-n-play at grandma’s house. The Tranquilo Soothing Mat mimics mom’s heartbeat and motions through gentle vibrations and soft sounds. It is water-resistant and the cover is machine-washable, too. Hmmm, I wonder if they will ever make a grown-up sized one. Who says only babies need the sleep… MSRP: $99.99

Beanko Mobile Station (Beanko)

I cannot begin to tell you how many diaper changes occurred in the back seat of the car (or in the trunk of my SUV!). Leave it to a mom to come up with a solution for the real life diaper dilemmas: The Beanko mobile station. It features a foldable wedge underneath the changing pad to keep baby flat when changing him or her in the back seat (or front seat!) The other side loops over the headrest and offers plenty of pockets for wipes and accessories. Yet, the part is the most brilliant—once you’re out of the diaper stage, you can hang it around the back of the front seat and let your little one watch videos from a mini iPad or phone. MSRP: $100

Lug Bug (Lug Bug)

I remember the days of lugging the infant car seat on my forearm. So awkward and painful! I would sport a giant red mark on my forearm for hours afterwards. The padded accessories that were on the market meant that I could wrap a fluffy thing around the handle to ease the indentation on my arm. Yet, it didn’t do much to alleviate the awkwardness of carrying a 20-pound car seat with a 20-pound baby inside!

A dad figured it out! He came up with the Lug Bug to prevent strain-related injury and ease tension on the wrist, forearm, and shoulder when lugging the little guy or gal. It is an easy-to-use handle attachment you place on the infant car seat handle. All you do is push the handle, rotate it to the desired angle, and pull the lock mechanism! Portable parenting win! MSRP: $39.99

Chewbeads MLB GameDay Teether (Chewbeads)

As a veteran of the fashion industry and a new mom, the founder of Chewbeads used her collection of necklaces and bracelets, and her son’s affinity for wanting to yank and chew on them, as the inspiration for this 9-year-old company. However, it newest launch enables parents to start teaching their mini-me on how to be the ultimate sports fan. The Chewbeads Baby MLB Gameday Teether is an officially licensed MLB 100-percent silicone teething ring. As with all of the Chewbeads line, it’s soft on babies gums and emerging teeth and has no BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals. Best of all, this teether can easily be cleaned with dish soap and water, and dishwasher safe. Be prepared for the many, “Where did you get that?” questions. Play ball! MSRP: $18.50

Do you have any cool new parenting/baby finds? Share in the comments below and spread the word to fellow moms and dads!

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Charlene DeLoach

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