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Students of all ages can experience stress and need stress relief to combat it. Some students might be anxious about standardized testing, while others worry about college visitations and applications. Older children can feel stress while waiting for their college acceptance letters. Younger children might begin to worry about the approaching end of a fun school year. (Toy Insider Parent Charlene DeLoach has some tips on end-of-school year transitions here.)

Check out these simple stress relief suggestions to help reduce worrying and soothe anxious souls.

drop dots ball fidget

Relaxation Helpers

During anxious moments, it can help to have something on-hand to fiddle with. Fidget spinners became popular for this reason. They allowed children (and adults) to re-focus their brains simply by occupying their hands. Items like Drop Dots balls from Kess are a fun alternative. Their soft spiky exteriors are great for kids who seek comfort through sensation. They come in various sizes and can easily be hidden in a pocket or in the palm of your hand. You can also check out this post of Top 10 Fidget Toys right here at The Toy Insider for even more ideas.

kids yoga matPhysical Fun

Physical activities can also help children de-stress, including gentle yoga and breathing techniques. Very young children might enjoy INFINIFUN My First Yoga Mat by KD Kids. With the help of this little instructional mat, kids ages two and up can build concentration and body awareness, develop coordination, balance, and fine motor skills, and master basic yoga poses.


Evening Assistance

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for good health no matter what your age is, but sometimes this is easier said than done. If your child needs something to soothe them to sleep, the Soft-Lites line helps ease night time anxiety and encourages peaceful sleep.


Eating Healthy

Healthy foods promote healthy minds! Eating better can sometimes help children feel better, too. There are a number of healthy snacking tips featured in this Toy Insider post from Charlene DeLoach, or try this hearty, healthy soup recipe from fellow Parent Panelist, Lisa Leslie-Williams.


coloring to de-stressArt Therapy

It might seem like an odd suggestion, but sometimes when worries take over, it helps to grab your crayons! Coloring for relaxation has become very popular over the past few years, and many companies, including Crayola, have created coloring books specifically designed to help children and adults relax. You can also check out this fun crayon coloring challenge from fellow Toy Insider Parent Panelist, Andrew Bennett.


stress relief tips for kidsCuddle Buddies

Sometimes just having a snuggle buddy on-hand can help to ease tension and relieve worries (even for tweens, although they might not want to admit it!). Some of my favorites for soothing hugs include Fingerlings Hugs by Wowwee and Squishmallows from Kellytoy. The soft exteriors and squish factor makes them very therapeutic! You can also read more about Squishmallows in my Jersey Momma blog post here.


Although I am not a trained medical professional, these stress-busting ideas come from my years of experience as a parent and educator. They are simply soothing suggestions. So please use your best judgement when it comes to your child. Know that it’s OK to seek help from a medical expert if you feel that anxiety or stress is negatively impacting your child’s life.

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